Te Rarawa bid farewell to Phillip Murray (Hoddy)

Te Rarawa is sad to announce the departure of Phillip Murray (Hoddy to those who know him) from the position of Chief Executive of our Iwi Rūnanga.

Throughout the course of his leadership of the organisation, the iwi has continued to consolidate our presence and influence throughout Te Hiku o Te Ika. This has included our ability to respond to local and national crises, which have required a geared-up community response lead by iwi participation in particular

There were a number of occasions during Hoddy's tenure that we experienced an increasing pressure on whānau living and its subsequent impact on our wider communities, both urban and rural.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns many whānau have been required to understand and adopt practices that are new and unfamiliar to them and in order to help our people achieve that Hoddy established the foundation helplines and flow of resources for the iwi.

Under his leadership, the Rūnanga have strengthened ngā pou e whā, in particular, Te Pou Te Rarawa and Te Pou Taiao. He has undertaken the further development of skills and built the capacity of our kaimahi to meet the increasing demands on the Rūnanga to support whānau, marae, hapū and iwi. He has also been instrumental in the establishment of TUPU a project that supports whānau transitioning into full time meaningful employment.

His background as a proud uri of Te Rarawa has provided him with his understanding and ability to motivate community networks which enabled him to develop and improve systems for delivery into the community with methodologies for distribution that are durable and that will serve the iwi well as a legacy for years to come.

The Rūnanga wishes Hoddy well in his pursuit of new horizons and is grateful for the time he has spent working among his people of Te Rarawa.

He mihi, he mihi, he mihi.  Hoddy (Phill) Murray

I came into the role of the CEO of Te Rarawa with the kōrero of our whānau, “Mahia te mahi.” I want to take the time as I complete my time in the role to acknowledge and thank our people – “mihia te mihi”.

Tuatahi, ka mihi au ki ngā tūpuna, nā rātou ngā taonga tuku iho hei kawenga mā mātou. Tuarua, he mutunga mihi mutunga kore ki ngā koroua ki ngā kuia mō tō rātou tautoko me te aroha. Tuatoru, ki tōku iwi o Te Rarawa, ki tōku hapū o Ngāti Haua, ki tōku whānau, nei au anō ka mihi. Ko te tuawha o ngā mihi ki te poari o Te Rarawa. He mihi whakamutunga, he mihi motuhake ki ngā kaimahi katoa o Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa.

A special acknowledgement and mihi to all the kaimahi of Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa, I have worked with kaimahi from far and wide and across the globe, but I have never, and I doubt I ever will again, work with kaimahi as simply awesome as all of you.

To all the Te Taitokerau iwi leaders and whānau I have worked with, thank you all.

During my time at Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa together we achieved a number of cultural, te reo Māori, employment and environmental initiatives for the iwi. During that time, we also responded to a global pandemic, fires, evacuations, tsunami warnings, droughts and water shortages.

Our iwi can feel proud of the mahi and efforts undertaken by the Rūnanga to support the growth development and aspirations of our people.

 Finally, a special mihi to my mum and dad and immediate whānau for their support, teachings, guidance and upbringing. I am who I am today because of them.

Mahia e te Mahi 

Hoddy Murray