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Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea

Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea is Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa’s asset holding group. It is a subsidiary of Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa and its primary function is to hold, protect and grow the Iwi assets. 

Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea was initially set up to receive the Maori Fisheries Settlement assets; and has since been given responsibility for all Te Rarawa commercial assets.

Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea Vision

"Growing the Te Rarawa asset base and our people alongside it".

Investment Principles

  • Develop a five-year planned approach to investment and a reliable contribution for the Iwi
  • Live within our means; do not spend more than we earn
  • Balance our investments between real and financial assets
  • Invest in real assets like farms, businesses and the Te Rarawa economy
  • Invest in financial assets like term deposits, bonds and equities to ensure diversity and resilience
  • Grow the value of the financial assets

Four Pou Principle

Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea Group applies the Four Pou Principle to all of its decisions and functions. The four pou are interconnected and each pou cannot be considered in isolation from the others. In this way, the Four Pou Principle represents a foundation upon which Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea Group will strive to fulfil the objective: “to grow a sustainable economic base that will support Te Rarawa whānau, hapū, iwi.”

The four pou are:

 Pou tahi:   Te Oranga (Social)
 Pou rua:   Te Taiao (Environmental)
 Pou toru:   Te Rarawatanga (Cultural)
 Pou whā:   Te Ōhanga (Economic)