Crown Settlement for Historical Breaches of Te Tiriti o Waitangi/ The Treaty of Waitangi Against Te Rarawa

Settlement Offer

The Te Rarawa settlement is made up of three main parts including:

  • Historical redress
  • Cultural redress
  • Commercial and financial redress


  • Our Treaty grievances have been recorded in the historical account and acknowledged by the Crown.
  • New treaty-based relationships are now in place with most crown agencies.
  • New partnerships are in place with other Te Hiku o Te Ika Iwi.
  • Involves the return of 22,500 acres.
  • Co-governance over 80,000 acres of Department of Conservation estate.
  • A package worth around $70m.
  • Net cash of $27m.
  • Deed of Settlement document

Te Rarawa area of interest

  • For the historical Treaty claims negotiations, the area of interest used was that which is shown on the map below.
  • This area of interest considers other iwi and the dynamic circumstances that occurred between
    1840 and 2011. 
  • The area of interest shown on the map does not represent Te Rarawa mana whenua in 1840, as
    Te Rarawa had many other interests and associations to the north, east and south which are not included.
  • Te Rarawa maintains broader interests and associations based on whakapapa and history.
  • Te Rarawa's Iwi Narrative outlines the context for Te Rarawa interests.