Te Rarawa Manuka Honey Investment Strategy

Te Rau Mīere (Te Rarawa Honey Bank)

Te Waka Pupuri Pūtea (TWWP) has developed an investment strategy based on the purchase and resale of mānuka honey with UMF™ growth potential.

The intent of the investment is to increase the local processing and supply capacity of apiary companies based in Te Hiku o Te Ika, while also providing a return for Te Rarawa.

Returns from this investment will be reinvested into the local industry, in collaboration with Te Hiku o Te Ika apiary companies, to help achieve ‘land to brand’ success for the benefit of the local economy and to stimulate employment opportunities.

Landowner Support / Landowner Share Model

TWWP is offering support to Te Rarawa landowners participating in the honey industry. The support offered has been informed by market research and a recently completed landowner trial, aimed at increasing the returns to landowners.

The Landowner Share Model is supported by Te Rau Mīere (Te Rarawa Honey Bank) and provides landowners with an opportunity to become part of the mānuka honey ‘value-chain’ in Te Hiku o Te Ika. The landowner share trial has been completed and is being refined to suit the needs of local apiary companies, landowners and the Te Rarawa Mānuka Honey Investment Strategy.

If you are an apiarist wishing to sell verified mānuka honey, or a Te Rarawa or Te Hiku o Te Ika based landowner seeking support or advice, please contact us through tatai@terarawa.co.nz or on 09 408 0141.