Te Rarawa Education Strategy

In order for a kauri tree to realise its full potential, to become the pinnacle that forms the highest reaches of the bush canopy, conditions must be exact. The ngahere quietly embraces the kākano, before it nourishes and supports the seedling to push beyond its earthy womb into an unknown future. The young tree plunges its roots deep within Papatūānuku, bracing against the destructive elements that seek to thwart its journey.

Eventually, the mature kauri claims its full birthright, completing the cyclical pathway of life and providing protection to all that inhabit the space below.

The kauri metaphor encapsulates the holistic nature of the educational process and the factors that determine its success. In broader terms of well-being, the onus rests with the ngahere to nourish the four dimensions of the individual rākau – the taha wairua (spiritual side), taha hinengaro (thoughts and feelings), taha tinana (physical side) and taha whānau (family) 1 – to enable it to flourish.

Thus, this strategic document has been developed to conceptually reflect the life cycle of one of our living taonga, with a view towards cultivating the educational, cultural and socio-economic prosperity of the people of Te Rarawa. We define full potential as all latent possibilities for future growth, all unrealised opportunities. Those possibilities are an individual's natural passions, talents, gifts and skills developed and articulated as an expression of self. The fulfilment of potential is, therefore, the accomplishment of personal excellence in the face of adverse challenges. This strategy identifies the needs of key stakeholders and offers solutions that align to meet them. This sits alongside a strong desire to create more opportunities to celebrate and uphold Te Rarawatanga mātauranga in our education system. We want to provide the tools that draw upon the principles of tino rangatiratanga, manaakitanga, ako Māori and whanaungatanga to empower them in their educational pursuits.
Ko te tapu i te mana o te kauri, nō te kākano
The tapu and mana of a mature kauri tree is derived from a seed
1. Durie, M.H., Whaiora: Māori Health Development (2nd ed.) , 1998

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