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Tātai ki Te Rarawa Iwi Membership Database

Tātai ki Te Rarawa is the iwi membership database.  Its kaupapa is to tātai or connect whanau with their marae and hapu and with the mahi of Te Rūnanga o Te Rarawa.

Why should I become an iwi member on Tātai ki Te Rarawa? 
By joining Te Rarawa on Tātai ki Te Rarawa, you will be given an opportunity to find out about, and be included in, activities and events. You will be placed on our contact list to find out about Treaty negotiation information, events, services and more. 

Who can be an iwi member on Tātai ki Te Rarawa?  

  • Direct descendents of a Te Rarawa Tūpuna
  • Tamariki/tangata atawhai/adoptee of a Te Rarawa descendent

Who can complete a Tātai ki Te Rarawa membership form? 

  • Any Te Rarawa descendent over 18yrs
  • Any parent, grandparent or great-grandparent of a Te Rarawa 
  • A tangata atawhai/adoptee of a Te Rarawa descendent

NB: Any member under 18yrs can be added to the Tātai ki Te Rarawa database by their parent/guardian/grandparent or great grandparents

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