Puna Wai Ora 

Te Hiku o te Ika Drought Relief

🌊🌊🌊🌊Wave 6 for applications is open until 30 April 2024 🌊🌊🌊🌊

The fund focuses heavily on those in high need and taking through URGENT APPLICATIONS from those who may be in a water crisis.

How many items from the list below sound like your situation?

  1.  Living in Te Hiku areas in high need due to identified water crisis
  2.  Areas not on Far North District Council town supply
  3.  Households with whānau Māori in residence
  4.  Kuia and kāumatua in the home
  5.  Whānau with ongoing illness or disability
  6.  Homes with tamāriki and Pēpī
  7.  Whānau with a community services card
  8.  Sites (once assessed) that are accessible and viable
  9.  Houses with high number of whānau members in the home (pressure on supply)
  10.  Māori settlements around marae

Have you applied for support to Puna Wai Ora?

IF not, then we encourage you to go to their website and start an application.

Website here:

Check criteria here:

Apply here:

You can also call 0800 WAI AWHI to make an application today.

Eligibility terms and conditions apply.