Tuia Nursery

Tuia Nursery was acquired in 2004 with the objective of producing trees and plants for Te Rarawa conservation projects. Reliable access to native tree seedlings is essential to any conservation plan.

While eradication of predators and weed control is critical to ensuring the survival of kukupa and other native birds, it is also essential to plant many more fruit bearing trees for these birds to feed on. In time, the kukupa and other native birds will contribute to the natural reseeding of these native trees.

Over the years, the Tuia Nursery has catered for a number of activities including:

  • Supply of native trees for DOC, marae, and conservation groups.
  • Horticultural training through a recognised tertiary provider.
  • Maara kai and rongoā workshops and programs for a wide range of groups.
  • Venue for conservation education for early childhood and school students.
  • A Community Max project.
  • Provision of experience and practical mahi for those undertaking community service.