The Te Rarawa Breastfeeding programme assists mums with understanding the importance of exclusive breastfeeding; knowing how to deal with the challenges of breastfeeding; and most of all, supporting you in the early stages of motherhood.

Breastmilk is the best food for your baby, and breastfeeding is perfect for you too.

  • Learn the importance of breastfeeding
  • Understand the relationship between breastfeeding and a child’s brain development
  • Support a breastfeeding mother
  • Enjoy the wonderful bond between mother & child
“Breastfeeding wasn’t as straightforward as I thought it was going to be, but with the support of the breastfeeding programme, I was able to overcome that challenge and now enjoy a special time with my child.” (A. Nathan)

Breastfeeding is a beautifully natural expression of love between a mother and child. It builds a bond between them, nurtures a child’s development, and helps with mum’s recovery. The wonderful staff of the Te Rarawa Breastfeeding programme are here to support you.