Community Action on Youth and Drugs (C.A.Y.A.D.)

C.A.Y.A.D. helps communities to provide a safer environment for youth to grow without the influence of drugs and alcohol.

  • Innovative community initiatives
  • Leadership development
  • Promoting positive healthy behaviour
  • Alcohol and Other Drug (A.O.D.) policy
  • Creative flourishing whanau
“Hey coach, I have a medal in my drawer that proves I am the second fastest waka ama paddler in New Zealand, but on my wall is my certificate that proves I am drug free!” (Client evaluation)

C.A.Y.A.D. quietly works in the background to support youth, whānau and community groups to build positive environments.

C.A.Y.A.D. staff use innovative approaches to co-design new and exciting activities for youth and communities, towards a future that is free from alcohol and drug addiction.

C.A.Y.A.D. staff are experts in A.O.D. policy and leadership development, in support of community-directed initiatives. We are here for YOU!