Family Centred Services

The Family Centred Services programme is an innovative approach to supporting whānau who have experienced, or are at risk of experiencing family violence. The Family Centred Services programme provides holistic guidance towards restoring the wellbeing of the family - hei whakaora i te mana o te whānau.

  • Whānau needs are met through appropriate wrap-around support
  • Whānau learn strength and resilience to restore safety
  • Whānau experience positive behavioural transformation
“Many of our whānau are in these situations because of simple misunderstandings. It is important that these small factors, which have built up over time into a state of violence, are addressed, and then the true journey begins." (W. Christie, Kaimahi)

The Family Centred Services programme provides specialised staff who are equipped and passionate about supporting whānau to restore their mauri. Using discreet and flexible methods, whānau experiencing violence can return their wellbeing to a calm and healthy dynamic.