Youth Justice

The Youth Justice programme supports 12-17 year old taitamariki who are entering, or are already in the justice system.

  • Establish resourceful, supportive relationships
  • Promote positive behavioural transformation
  • Motivate connections and inspire purposeful aspirations
  • Provide support for whānau
  • Create new and exciting preventative activities

The programme develops strong, trusting relationships with participants, who are given tools to express their identity, aspirations and purpose. The programme supports youth and their whānau to work through the rigours of the justice system. Participants are given opportunities to positively transform their behaviours.

“Staff did everything to support and more. I was happy to have them help my moko and what they gave was everything – their best." (Client testimony)

The Youth Justice programme is committed to developing effective activities focussed on preventing offending and promoting healthy behaviour choices for young people.